"Connecticut Destinations"

An Explorer's Guide to Waterfalls, Boulders,

and Points of Interest for Connecticut

by Jan & Christy Butler

In this book, hikers and families looking for fresh ventures, will locate exciting and satisfying destinations appropriate for every person's interest and ability. Around every corner and within every season, Connecticut Destinations will provide natural landscapes or cultural locations that invite exploration. Beautiful waterfalls, awesome vistas, intriguing glacial erratics, along with renowned historical or exquisite points of interest that will provide numerous happy trails of discovery and remembrance.

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Table of Contents

Waterfalls - Boulders - Hikes - Points of Interest

Total of 275 pages, 144 Chapters, arranged alphabetically within each section.

Table Of Contents - Connecticut Destinations
Waterfalls of Connecticut
Glacial Erratics - Boulders

Points of Interest

All Material and Images are Copyrighted @ 2022 Christy N. Butler